Am I Different Online???

Not really, I usually act the same. I´m a lot braver than I act in real life. I still act weird and funny, but just not as much. I try to act friendly around most people online. I make lots of new friends though over the country. I have friends in Maryland and North Carolina.

3 thoughts on “Am I Different Online???

  1. I’m glad that you are friendly. I have friends that I met online, but it is something to be careful about. Just watch an episode of Catfish and you’ll see! I like that if the people around you don’t really like something that you like, you can find people online who like it.

  2. G’day Ty,
    I also try to think the best of people when online, but then I don’t go on sites where creepy people might be. I used to play on a certain game site and made lots of friends there, and I have actually visited some of them when I have been travelling in the USA.

    When you are online, where do you go most often?

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