Genius Hour 4

I have made tons of progress over this week. I had to find a ton of  directors and ask accounts to finally get an interview. So far I have gotten 2 interviews out of the 10 that I asked to do. One was by Jorie Hidri who works for the Central Iowa Shelter and so far is trying to gather the answers to my questions. I also started talking with a man named David Burch who is the director of Volunteers of America. Both of these kind people help the homeless everyday. These two inspire me to help out whoever I can. They give me hope that we can fix this problem of homelessness in America. But anyways the main questions that I asked were how many homeless people showed up at their shelters? What’s the most common reasons that they are there? How do they help the less fortunate? And how long have they been taking people in? It kind of hurts though knowing that the people who fought for us over seas are now begging for money on the streets. Hopefully by next week I’ll have the answers to my questions and I’ll be able to put them on my website to share to everybody. This is a sad topic but I feel like someone needs to share this information with the world. One day I hope to volunteer at a shelter and to also help the less fortunate. This is all that I have to share for my blog this week and hopefully next week I’ll have more information to put on here.

Genius Hour 3

I have learned a lot about the homeless people lifestyle in the past week. It seems that there are tons of homeless people in America. I mean there’s over 500,000 homeless people just in America alone. It’s really hard to think about how many times a person walks right past someone struggling and not even realize that they’re homeless. So far I have made a website and I have almost finished it. I sent an email to some shelters and so far none of them have replied (I think none of them will reply.) I will keep looking for more places to interview but until then I’ve been looking at videos and other interviews. It turns out a lot of people don’t even realize that there are homeless people around them. Two guys did a test to see what it was like to be homeless for a day. They realized a lot of things on their journey. Also it seems that homeless people seem extremely generous. There was a test where a guy offered a homeless person some hamburgers. The man took it and started enjoying his meal. But across from him the homeless man saw another homeless person. He then gave up one of his hamburgers to the other man and proceeded to share his food with him. It’s crazy that a man who has almost nothing himself will offer the only food he’s probably had for awhile. Well that’s my weekly update on my Genius Hour and I hope to find even more about all of this.

Genius Hour 2

In the few weeks that I have been researching my topic I have found out a ton. If you don’t know my Genius Hour is about homeless people and their daily lives. I have watched a lot of interviews with homeless people from different states. It turns out a lot of homeless people travel across the country to find better places to live. I figured out that it takes a ton of money just for our daily lives yearly. I learned it costs almost 50,000 dollars for a small house, to run and maintain a car, and for food yearly. I also learned that homelessness isn’t just caused by money problems. It can also be caused by loss of a loved one, family problems, divorce, or even coming back from the armed forces. I realize that I’m very lucky to have the life I have because some people don’t have phones, the internet, or even food. Everything that I wanted to answer I could find. I’m going to try and email or call someone who runs a homeless shelter so I can find out more about how many people come there monthly and things like that. My next step is to probably work on my website and interview someone. It turns out that in Iowa the highest rate of homelessness in Iowa is Des Moines. The largest amount of homelessness in the United States is actually New York, NY. Most homeless people actually have mental illnesses and can’t afford medical treatment. The saddest part is that nearly 2/5 of homeless people have family that they need to take care of. This topic is extremely sad but I feel like someone needs to find out about it.

My College Trip- ISU

My trip to Iowa State University was amazing. It was such a gorgeous campus and the classes seem very interesting. I honestly wish we could stay there longer. I think the best part was the food they had there. There was literally a coffee shop everywhere you looked. Also there were so many different kinds of food there. It almost seemed overwhelming walking into a cafe. I definitely want to go to Iowa State University for college it seems like an amazing place to be at everyday. There were people everywhere you went. They had park like places and nice buildings. There were college students chilling out in hammocks in the trees. We went to a virtual reality presentation and in that presentation they showed us different galaxies and they even showed us the Death Star. We also went to a biotech building and we studied bio-genetics and tried to solve a case. The campus was huge and it was so beautiful. Almost everywhere you go you can smell coffee it was crazy! Everyone kept talking about how they wanted coffee after the trip to the college. I’ve always thought about going to ISU and now I’m definitely sure I want to go there. ISU_Student_Recreation_Center

Genius Hour

My project is going to be studying the lives of homeless people and how they have been affected. I think it´s a sad topic to talk about but I think we need to know more about them. My goal is to reach out to other people and tell them about this horrible thing going on. I read online and watched interviews and most homeless people say that they are homeless due to money problems. Those problems are like not being able to pay taxes on cars, houses, or just not being payed enough to own a place to live. Some homeless people though are homeless because of their families leaving them or just kicking them out of their houses. By the end of this project I hope to have an interview myself and ask people who work at the homeless shelter in Fort Dodge for information about how homeless people and how many of them come in monthly. I would like to also ask some homeless people about their stories and how they became homeless. Like I said before this can be a sad topic to talk about but I feel like we need to start caring for everyone like we always say we will.


I have wrote 8 posts this year and plan on writing more. All 8 of the posts were school based. I’ve gotten 4 comments on my blog. The one that received the most comments was the “Am I Different Online” post with 3 comments. I think that happened because everyone wants to get to know at least one person and if they’re different online they would like to know. I liked writing the Lemur post because who wouldn’t like writing about Lemur’s they’re awesome! I didn’t because for the Halloween theme I wasn’t able to find anything that interested me. I had 4 widgets on my post and I think that was a good amount. Currently I don’t have any overseas students on my blogroll. I try to keep my blog organized and neat to the best of my abilities.

The Odd Lemur,d.dmo&psig=AFQjCNHxsVcGSAkNvNa-VnZwlrFa0mQWwg&ust=1447879771167222,d.dmo&psig=AFQjCNHxsVcGSAkNvNa-VnZwlrFa0mQWwg&ust=1447879771167222

This week i´m going to write about the monkey like creature called the Lemur. The Lemur is a small animal that likes to live in trees. They have opposable thumbs and they have nails. A lot of people believe Lemur´s have claws but that is not true. Lemur´s usually live in packs or small groups. Their main habitats are in trees.                                                         Lemur´s use two types of communication. They use their vocals or they even use markings. Sometimes those messages could be o get away or maybe it´s inviting. The Lemur is located in Madagascar and other places and is most commonly known from the movie ¨Madagascar¨. Lemur´s are very smart animals. They use tools in the jungle to survive throughout their lives.                                                                                                                                                                   They use their nails and mouths to peel and eat fruits. They use their mouths as tools more than anything. Surprisingly, Lemur´s don´t use their feet for much except for climbing. There are beliefs that Lemur´s actually used rafts to get from Africa to the Madagascar. Lemur´s get hunted by poachers and are sometimes held in captivity. Lemur´s even use tools while in captivity.                                                                                                                                                    It´s not only rare to see a Lemur but it´s very rare to see it use its tools. Scientists were so desperate to see Lemurs use their tools that they actually set up training programs. In some experiments they place canes or sticks and they have to use them to reach food they can´t get normally. They easily used the tools to get the food. They don´t really need tools to get any of their food. They are amazing at climbing and leaping. If they see something they want there usually isn´t anything in their way. Most of them live in trees all their lives so they literally have been climbing all their lives. I love Lemur´s and one of the most mysterious.

Week 6

I visited Mel’s blog and it was awesome. She went to Las Vegas with her family and she said she loved it. Aiden’s blog is cool too. Aiden loves American hamburgers.  I went to Avery’s blog it was really cool she has a kitten named Solo and she has had him since he was a kitten. I visited Bailee’s blog and one of her most memorable moments was watching fireflies dance with her family. When I went to Ann’s blog she said that online she is shy compared to when she is offline. I discovered Christopher’s blog and he said a memorable moment was when his family went to a river and spent the day there. I went to Corrie’s blog and she said one of her memorable moments was being baptized. I went to Destiny’s blog and she said she is shy online and somewhat offline. Hunter also said that he was shy online but not a lot offline. I went to a blog that caught my eye and his name is Dave. Dave said his favorite sci-fi show was Doctor Who. There are a lot of interesting people out there and I realize a lot of them blog!
 -Mel -Aiden -Avery -Bailee -Ann -Christopher -Corrie -Destiny – Hunter -Dave




Jerky is the Best Snack

Basically jerky is dehydrated meat covered in spices to make it sweeter or hotter.  Jerky is an American food. What I like about jerky is that you can take it almost anywhere and it will always be a delicious treat. Especially when you are on a long trip and you´re really hungry and you can look in your bag and there the delicious treat is. Jerky also keeps you very energized. Scientists are actually testing to see if jerky has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. The same scientists are testing with the army to see if they can go into combat and feel energized. This delectable treat is very, very hard to chew. It takes forever just to finish one bite. But even though the bites are hard to get it is worth another bite. There are so many different kinds of jerky too, like turkey, chicken, deer, buffalo, and even ostrich! Jerky even has its own flavors like teriyaki, jalapeno, lemon pepper, and lots more. Jerky is more of a random time snack or a wilderness exploration snack. It takes a long time and it is hard to do. But if you are a hunter you can almost jerky anytime you want. You have to hunt an animal of some kind most likely a deer. Those reasons above are why Jerky is the best snack to have when you are hungry.



My Great Grandpa

My great grandpa was a great man. He helped people as much as he could. He even sacrificed his life to help others. He was in WWII and was a medic. Everyday he fought to protect people he cared so much about. One day he was on the beach and picked up a shell to bring home to his family. After the war was over he gave the shell to my grandma. She then gave that shell to me about two years ago. I cherish that shell almost more than anything I own. The bad thing about it though is that I never go to tell him how grateful I am for the shell though. He passed away only months after I was born. I don´t have a lot of memory of him and I don´t own a lot to remember who he was to me. My family does not own a lot of his either. The only person that I know that has things of his is my great grandma. My grandparents tell me about him a lot. Sometimes I wish I could tell him thank you.